Welcome! Introducing Equine BandaFlex One Step Wound Care

  • The first all-in-one, non adhesive bandages with wound pad attached. (Making Equine BandaFlex truly a one step bandage)
  • Patented non slip grip assures no slippage. ( Grips but does not stick)
  • Lightweight and durable, quick and easy to use.
  • Stretches to double their length providing flawless conformity
  • Tension control adjustable dual catch fastening system

Seriously….. Hello… BandaFlex Please!

Equine Bandaflex horse bandages

Wound Pad attached Equine Bandaflex
Horse leg bandages
Equine Bandaflex Bandages

Highlights and Features

Cost effective Equine Bandaflex


PawFlex® Equine BandaFlex Bandages are a fraction of the cost of cohesive and other wraps with the added bonus of being able to adjust and readjust, having the wound pad not just included but already attached. That’s right, no need for scissors or 3 hands making Equine BandaFlex Bandages the most affordable, comfortable and effective Equine bandages on the market today. Equine BandaFlex Bandages are so well made that even though they are priced as disposables they can be hand washed and reused repeatedly if desired. We recommend cutting out the wound pad after first use and add a new one.

High Performance Equine Bandaflex


PawFlex® Equine BandaFlex® Bandages Super stretch fabric is soft and flexible allowing easy flowing movements without restriction. Your horse will maintain full mobility and comfort while in his/her stall, running or riding with you.

Non-Adhesive Equine Bandaflex


PawFlex ® Equine BandaFlex® Bandages non adhesive means absolutely NO hair pulling or skin ripping. Your horse will not obsess over nipping at his/her bandage and wound site due to discomfort which often occurs with use of traditional bandaging methods because of being applied too tight or incorrectly. What is pain, stress and hassle free for your horse will immediately become pain, stress and hassle free for you.

Reliable and Non-slip Equine Bandaflex


PawFlex® Equine BandaFlex® Bandages unique non slip grip application assures minimal slippage…..even on the most active horses. Specially designed to gently grip your horses’ hair without sticking or pulling. Stays on and in place

Equine Bandaflex with unique fastening system


PawFlex® Equine BandaFlex® Bandages Double Catch Velcro- Type Fastener allows for strong and secure hold with the ability to adjust and readjust tension with ease and speed for a perfect fit while never compromising the bandages integrity. No cutting, pulling or peeling; No more searching for the end of the wrap or tape; No unraveling, no creasing, no stiffness…NO HASSLE just lift and release. Changing bandages will never again be a complicated, time consuming and stressful event for you or horse.

Quick and easy to use Equine Bandaflex


PawFlex® Equine BandaFlex® Bandages is hands down the quickest, gentlest and easiest bandage system to use. BandaFlex literally takes seconds to secure and release, or adjust making it the most hassle free and noninvasive bandage system on the market today.

High Performance and Comfort Equine Bandaflex


PawFlex® Equine BandaFlex® Bandages Unlike cohesive wraps, Equine BandaFlex Horse bandages WILL NOT crease, wrinkle or become stiff like a cast. Equine BandaFlex horse bandages at all times, under all conditions will remain soft and supple. There will never be deep hard creases and wrinkles that dig into your horses leg. BandaFlex horse bandages also will not separate as do cohesive wraps. This horse bandage wraps only 1 and a half rotations to create a perfect fit every time.

Water Resistant Equine Bandaflex


PawFlex® Equine BandaFlex® Bandages Seals out germs and moisture while keeping air circulating No matter how much water splashes or how much Equine BandaFlex gets submerged, the bandage will not saturate as its fibers are non-absorbent and will air dry quickly. There are no concerns of shrinkage or loss of integrity. No other bandage can make all of these claims.

Why use Equine BandaFlex bandages?

  • All bandages have a patented non-toxic non slip grip applied on the inside of the bandage. This non slip grip, when placed against the horses leg, will provide a non slip hold that will effectively keep the bandage in place without separating or sliding down as conventional wraps often do.
  • Because of the patented dual catch fastening system Equine BandaFlex only requires a 1½ rotational wrap for a secure hold. Forget about having to cut off or find the end for unravelling…just lift tab and release. It’s that simple.
  • Equine BandaFlex Bandages are strong and resilient, and can be adjusted and refastened many times while maintaining its original integrity. There is not a disposable bandage on the market today that can make the same claim.
  • Equine BandaFlex Bandages are so durable that although they are disposable they can be washed repeatedly (by hand with mild detergent and let to air dry) and reused over and over again. For those who choose to reuse, we recommend cutting the wound pad out after first use and inserting new wound pad in for additional bandage wrap use.
  • The light weight material provides comfort and flexibility of movement with no worries of creasing or wrinkling or turning into a non-breathable cast as with the use of cohesive wraps.
  • Equine BandaFlex is water resistant, and even if fully submerged, will not shrink or lose any of its integrity or function ability.

Equine BandaFlex Video Rewards Program!

Horse leg wraps

Example of How Program Works.

f you send in a 3 minute video but we consider only 2 minutes are usable we will give you a $40 credit toward your next order, It is always best to make the videos a little longer so that we can find the most useable footage which will enable you to get the greatest credit.

Voice on videos are welcome.

We are looking for great videos of Equine BandaFlex in use. The videos can be simple or creative, they can be anywhere from tutorials of how to use, how easy it is to use  to just fun videos . Bloopers are more than  welcome. Videos do not have to be edited in any way and do not need to be professionally taken. Real horse must be in video

We just ask that videos are clear and show off Equine BandaFlex bandages.

Here’s how the video rewards program works;

You will receive a $ credit off any bandages (pet or Horse)  on our website store for any footage we use. The rewards applies to usable footage.

**Disclosure *All footage used where rewards were given become property of PawFlex, inc. to use in any capacity or forum.

Usable Footage Rewards Calculator

30+seconds   = $20 credit

1-3 mins         = $40 credit

3+ minutes    = $150 credit

Click here to learn about our New Equine Bandaflex Video Rewards Program!