• The bandages stretch (bounce back) recovery is 100% yet gently so it will not band tighter than necessary.
  • Small and Medium Bandages have a single final catch fastener. Large has a double strap fastener. All have a non-adherent wound pad attached and non-slip grip.
  • Equine BandaFlex disposable bandages are the quickest and easiest bandages to use; no cutting, pulling or peeling, just press to secure or lift to release.
  • Quick catch Velcro-type fastening tabs can be adjusted and readjusted over and over without compromising the security or integrity of the bandage.
  • Double catch fastener: catches twice instead of once. Helps adjust and disperse tension. Wound pad is also attached for all in one convenience.
  • Non-adhesive means absolutely no hair pulling or skin ripping; making BandaFlex the most comfortable, hassle free horse bandages on todays market.
  • All 3 Equine BandaFlex bandage are the same length and can double their length when stretched. The sizes:  Small, Medium and Large refer to their width dimensions.
  • All Equine BandaFlex Bandages are non-adhesive. They have wound pad attached and a first catch Velcro fasteners.
  • The beauty and benefit of first catch fastener is that it grips and fastens as first rotation allowing the first tension to be determined as well as stabilizes the positioning of the bandage. The final catch fastener extends additional control over determining a second level of tension by allowing the disbursement of tension in 2 parts. This unique feature makes it easy to gauge the tightness and pressure of the bandages thus providing the user with incredible control and flexibility, removing the possibility of easily making too tight as often done with cohesive wraps.
  • All bandages are recommended for lower legs but can be used on knee, hock and upper leg for smaller horses, foals and ponies.
  • The final catch fastener will not go a full second rotation yet the bandage will maintain great integrity and hold. Equine BandaFlex will not crinkle or shrink when wet. Also they are highly water resistant but are breathable.
  • BandaFlex unique non-slip grip feature assures minimum slippage even on active horses, bandage stays in place.
Horse Lower legs Equine Bandaflex Bandages